COVID-19 precautions for face-to-face sessions

The studio is located in the Stoke Damerel Parish Centre.  Currently, we are requested to continue the practice below.

Please notify me and stay at home if you have tested positive, been ‘Pinged’ or been in contact with anyone with the confirmed case of Covid-19.

  • It will be the best to arrive on time for the appointment, as the waiting area is still not available.  Please wear a face covering, use hand sanitiser and keep the appropriate social distance.
  • All surfaces such as the doorbell, door handles, stair rail, tables and chairs are wiped with disinfectant.  Windows will be open for ventilation.  You might like to bring an extra layer of clothing just in case. There will be paper towels and paper cups for single use.
  • All art materials are disinfected.  Any of them you have used (pens, brushes, paint bottles) will be set aside, and they will be disinfected before the next person uses them.  Clay or plasticine will not go back into the tub but will be kept for your use only.
  • I will be wearing disposable gloves and will help you with opening drawers to choose art materials.  There will be spare gloves in case you wish to find things yourself, as well as for the use of certain art materials such as chalk pastels.
  • Any handout will be sent to you by email. Only cash-free payment is accepted.
  • I will make a record of your visit and relevant information related to COVID-19.  If any risk is detected, I will notify the Parish Centre, but your personal details will remain confidential and will not be passed onto them.  In case I am asked by the NHS to disclose your name and contact details, your information will be shared securely, and the NHS will use it for this specific purpose only.
  • I am tested twice weekly.  In the event I tested positive, or I had contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, I will notify you and put the therapy on hold immediately.  I will not resume face to face sessions until I can be sure that I am safe enough to practice.  If requested, I may be able to offer online sessions during any period of self-isolation.

I hope I have covered all your concerns about coming to the Art Therapy studio.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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